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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Toolpost Adapter for Dremel Motor

Google Analytics has been telling me for some time now that many people are coming to the pages of this blog looking for a way to attach a Dremel motor to their tool post. Here's one way to do it. The nose of many Dremel tools have a ferrule attached by threads in the motor housing. The Dremel people use these threads to affix different attachments to the tools. You can too. I've provided a drawing with dimensions showing how to make an attachment that will allow you to fix your Dremel tool to your tool post. The odd shape of the part allows it to be held in a three jaw chuck for boring and threading. I made mine out of half inch thick aluminum, using my mill. If you don't have a mill, you can do the same thing using a band saw or even a hack saw, if you have the time and patience. It doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough to be securely held in the three jaw chuck. I threaded mine using a tool with a 60 degree point installed in a boring bar. It was the first time I had made any internal threads using my lathe. I did practice on a few pieces of scrap before trying it on my part. If you make one of these, do be careful while turning your threads. The "tail" of the part sticks out from the chuck, and can hit you or the ways or the saddle if you don't pay close attention to setting up your lathe and tooling prior to threading. Always turn things over by hand before starting your lathe with any setup, make sure you have stops installed to keep the saddle from traveling too far in towards the chuck, and keep your fingers out of the way. The last photo shows the Dremel motor installed in the tool post attachment, which in turn has been installed in the QCTP. Keep in mind that this is, after all, just a Dremel tool, attached by it's plastic housing, and have realistic expectations for what you can do with it. As always, you the reader are free to make whatever changes to this design that you please. If you do, I'd very much like to see your results. I'm also interested in seeing what you guys are planning to do with this attachment.


Andy from Workshopshed said...

I've thought about doing this for my mini drill too. Mine does not have a screwthread on it's collar so would need to have some kind clamping mechanism instead. I should have a bit of old aluminium casting I can use for this.

Anonymous said...

Hello -

Interesting blog. Looks like a lot of fun. I came looking to get info about flywheels & it's applications, but I see you're into much more than just that.

I notice you've stated you use SketchUp for your designs. I'm currently evaluating 3D E/CAD right now, so I'd like to pass along a link:

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Haven't tried it yet, but what have we got to lose?

Keep on hacking,
-- The Doctor

Smitty said...

I'll have to check out your link.