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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chuck Adapter for Rotary Table

I'm making the chuck adapter out of a half inch thick, four inch square piece of 1018 steel. In the first photo I've drilled the plate with mounting holes, and drilled and bored a hole in the center of the plate to fit the Morse taper stub I made in the previous post. I've made the first pass or two to cut the relief for the outside of the chuck body. The chuck is face down on the mill table to the right. The idea is to machine the inside diameter of the round projection to as perfectly as possible fit the inside of the chuck body. This means moving the center of the rotary table closer to the center of the quill in very small increments till the diameter of the projection in the center of the adapter is the same as the inside of the chuck. The second photo shows the adapter with the milling finished. It has to be drilled with three holes for the chuck mounthing screws, and it's ready to mount the chuck. If you look closely, you can see that the morse taper stub in the center of the adapter has a deep countersink, and has been threaded. The countersink can be used with a drill or countersink mounted in the mill spindle to help center the rotary table under the spindle. A bolt can then be threaded into the taper, and it can be pulled out of the adapter to allow a long workpiece to extend past the bottom of the chuck. The last photo shows the finished adapter without the chuck. The #2 Morse taper stub that's used to help center the rotary table and the adapter is above the adapter.

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