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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Grizzly Order

I placed my first order with Grizzly Industrial this morning. I ordered a 20 piece set of 3/8"carbide tipped tool bits and a boring bar. Making my four bolt compound clamp would have been much easier with a boring bar. Now I'll have one.

I've never done business with Grizzly before. A lot of lathe owners got their machines from them. I've mostly heard good things about the company. I'll see how their stuff holds up.

I'll update this when the tools arrive.

I've put a link to Grizzly in the sidebar.

Update: The Grizzly order is here. The photo shows what you get from Grizzly for $40.10. Twenty carbide tipped 3/8 inch lathe tools, a double ended boring bar with holder and tool steel bit, and a couple spare 1/4 inch steel bits. I'm happy. A word of warning. Throw the allen wrench that comes with the boring bar away. It's too small and almost rounded out the inside of one of the set screws in the end of the boring bar. I had the same problem with the smallish allen wrench that came with my parting tool holder. I don't know why, but the smaller wrenches are a poor fit. Throw them away, and buy a good set of metric wrenches. Last word, Carbide=Good.

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