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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Four Bolt Compound Clamp

While I was waiting for Northern Tool to ship my lathe, I spent a lot of time looking at Little Machine A link to their store is in the right sidebar. If you don't know what's out there for mini lathes and mills, their site can be very informative. I bought some of my stuff from them. I also found the Yahoo 9x20 lathe group. Lots of good information there too.
The most common complaint and the most recommended modification for these lathes is that the two bolt compound clamp, that is the part that clamps the compound rest to the cross feed table, is weak. It is. Parting is a panic with a two bolt clamp. I have to give a lot of credit to a guy named Steve Bedair. He has a first rate web page. I'll add a link to his page as soon as he gives me permission.
The photo above shows the original clamp and the new one with the compound rest attached. I took great advantage of Steve's instructions. I got a much steadier compound rest. Parting is much better, and there's less chatter and vibration otherwise. A smoother finish on parts all around.
I made the clamp out of a piece of half inch thick by four in wide cold rolled 1018 from Metal Express. Good people there, and only a day away from me by UPS standard ground.
Update: Steve Bedair's site has been added to "Useful Links". Check it out.


Jack said...

I am planning to build a new clamp for my lathe, very similar to the 9x20.
I seems you didn't include the cutout to view the angle setting. I was thinking along those lines, to make a stronger clamp which is the point of the exercise, and would give a hole pattern with the same center as the clamp center hole which would make it simple to produce on the face plate.

Are you happy with your result?


Smitty said...

Yes, very happy with the result. I didn't bother with the cutout for the angle settings. I think it's more accurate to use a protractor or angle block between the chuck face or side, and the compound rest slide than depend on the angle wheel on the compound base. Quicker too, assuming that you have the instruments.

Jack said...

Just finished the clamp. Simple job but the improvement to to the lathe's performance when parting is amazing and well worth the time and effort.